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RMR Criteria for participation in Expanded Passing Run Groups

  • The PCA National DE Minimum Standards state, “Expanded passing will ONLY be run in the Instructors run group which may include non-instructors.” However, the criteria for “non-instructors” is not defined.  RMR has established these regional criteria for determining which drivers may participate in an expanded passing run group.
    • Instructors (whether having completed the PCA instructor training program or not)
    • Club Racers (PCA, NASA, BMWCCA, SCCA, RMVR, etc.
    • World Racing League, Champ Car and Lemons racers with a high level of driving experience and skill
    • Drivers who meet the criteria necessary to become instructors, but who choose not to instruct, or who have not yet gone through the training program, or who lack the teaching/interpersonal communication aptitude to be an effective instructor.
    • In addition to the above criteria, any participant in Expanded Passing must demonstrate that they possess excellent situational awareness skills, are able to drive consistently, exhibit courteous driving skills, and are able to drive “at pace” with the others in the run group.

Becoming a PCA Driving Instructor

Please send your complete instructor application form to the current lead CDI for your region.  In RMR to Dave Stribling <>

PCA National Materials

Driver Feedback Forms ( SLIP ratings)

Driving Notes For Local Tracks

  • High Plains Raceway (Word Doc) or (PDF)
  • Pueblo Motorsports Park  (PDF) Driver and Instructor Evaluations

RMR utilizes to support consistent instructor evaluation of their students, student evaluation of their instructors and general event feedback.  Instructor evaluations and feedback on their students will automatically be shared with the student and entered into the students logbook within MotorsportsReg which will help us to do a better job of assigning students the best run group for their current skill level.  There is also a means for private (non-shared) instructor comments which are only visible to the Chief Driving Instructors (CDIs).  Student evaluation of their instructors will automatically be shared with the individual instructor and the CDIs.

After each DE event, students and instructors will receive an email message with a URL link they will use to enter their evaluation and feedback.  Additional “nagging” emails are sent as needed.

Driver skills will be evaluated using the Skill Level Instruction Program (SLIP) criteria.  As drivers advance their skills through the levels of SLIP, they will be given a Skill Level designation based upon absolute measures of driving skill development.  In most cases, this skill level will increase as the student develops their track driving skills.  (Exceptions include the case of a student who drops out of the sport for an extended period of time, and later returns; or other cases of skill inconsistency.)  This SLIP skill level designation will be considered in conjunction with run group size and instructor load balancing to assign drivers to run groups for each event.  Note that achieving a particular SLIP level does not automatically infer a particular run group assignment.  SLIP measures are against an absolute scale.  Run Group assignments are relative to the skills of the complete set of drivers participating in each event.

Drivers must have achieved a SLIP level of <tbd> before being considered for an expanded passing run group assignment.  (Per PCA National requirements, drivers in expanded passing run groups must be instructors, club racers, or those whom have been asked to become instructors but choose not to do so.)

AMR/RMR PCA Annual Instructor Clinic Materials

Instructors are expected to attend the annual clinic at least every other year.

Other Outstanding Materials for HPDE Instructors

The Instructors Notebook

Instructor Bio Page Template – feel free to customize this file for your own use. (Word Doc)

Chief Driving Instructors Library – links to files & documents used by the CDI’s