AutoX School & AutoX

April 27, 2019 – April 28, 2019 all-day
Front Range Airport


Mark your calendars for our first autocross event of 2019. Both the autocross school and the autocross will be held at the Front Range Airport where there is plenty of room to setup a long course with a lot of interesting autocross features. Twists, Turns, and Slaloms all await you to improve and challenge your driving skills.

If you are new to the club, new to your Porsche or other favorite four wheel means of transport, want to improve your driving technique or simply want to enjoy your Porsche, we encourage you to register for the Autocross School and Car Control Clinic on Saturday April 27 and the full Autocross on Sunday April 28.

Are you familiar with Autocross? Autocross is a performance driving experience conducted in a safe environment at relatively low speeds. You will not hurt your car and more importantly you will not hurt yourself. Autocross is a lot fun and provides small doses of adrenaline rush that will keep you smiling for days. Come out to the school on Saturday and learn to autocross with our experienced instructors. What will happen is you will gain additional confidence in your driving ability, learn the limits of your car’s braking capabilities, practice correct seating, hand, feet and vision positions, as well as push and perhaps exceed the limits of your tire’s adhesion capabilities.

By the way, autocross is a social event and a great time to meet new club members and visit with friends.Each autocross has a unique course design and undoubtedly provides you with a fun driving experience. Last but not least autocross is a social event and a great time to meet new club members and visit with friends.