Charity Committee

Our Mission:

The Rocky Mountain Region (RMR) Porsche Club believes in the importance and benefit of supporting its community through various charitable organizations.

RMR Members Mark Taylor, Florence Mackin and John Mackin with SSgt Jon Kilpela at the Toys for Tots Warehouse in Denver.

As a club, we have woven charitable giving into the fabric of our event planning and activities. At the Porsche Parade in 2014 the Rocky Mountain Region received the PCA Public Service Award for our charitable endeavors. We are very proud of this achievement and hope to continue this tradition. Our members are encouraged to share their enthusiasm for charities near and dear to their hearts. We are pleased to be able to facilitate fund raising and awareness among our membership. We owe our success to the generosity, dedication and enthusiasm of our members, who prove that it is not just the cars, it is the people.

We approach our charitable giving in several ways.

  • Ongoing support for two local service organizations:
    • Concours d’Elegance and Exotic Sports Car Show held in June.
      For over 30 years RMR has been an integral part of this event, which raises funds to support Ability Connection Colorado. Ability Connection Colorado provides inclusive education, pathways to employment and statewide family support programs to create opportunities and sustainable change for our disabled citizens and their families across the state of Colorado.
    • Denver Round Table for their “Bids for the Kids” auction in support of Children’s Hospital Colorado ARCH Program and the Ridgeview Academy. The ARCH program provides recreational resources and programs for children, teens and young adults with physical disabilities. Ridgeview Academy offers Colorado’s at-risk youth a least restrictive, staff-secure educational program to ensure public safety while promoting a normalized high school experience for its students to support positive change in their lives.
  • Board Budgeted Donations
    • Each year the board will set aside club funds to be used for charitable donations. All recipients must be 501(c)(3) organizations. Charities tied to specific religious denominations or organizations supporting specific political views will not be considered. Donations from $100 to $500 will be made to charitable organizations at the request of members.
    • Member requesting donations should complete an Application for Charitable Sponsorship and submit it to the charity committee at for review. The charity committee will then make a recommendation to the board for final approval. When a donation is approved by the board, a charity committee representative will request a check from the Treasurer. The check will be sent to the charity by the charity committee representative along with a letter from RMR.
  • Member Donations at Club Events
    • At each club event, the event chair will have the opportunity to designate a charity to receive member donations, proceeds from noon-time rides or event profits, if approved by the board. The registrar for the event will set up an on-line donation button for donations to be made at the time of registration. Monies can also be collected at the events. All recipients must be 501(c)(3) organizations. Charities tied to specific religious denominations or organizations supporting specific political views will not be considered.

As President Dwight Eisenhower reminded us, “Humanitarianism is a link that binds together all Americans… Generosity has never impoverished the giver; it has enriched the lives of those who have practiced it.

Committee chairs Greg Casals and RJ Stapell evaluate requests received by RMR for donations and member participation in charitable organizational activities, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding what events and charities to support. We will strive to choose a variety of activities and organizations to which to lend support.

If you have any questions about the committee, would like to become a member, or have a suggestion for an opportunity/event for RMR to participate in, please contact the committee at