RMR wins Region of the Year 2022

Congratulations Rocky Mountain Region 2022 Region of the Year!

We are proud that our region was selected as this years winner. It is also not the first time we have won this honor. Last time we took this award was in 1976.

The Ferry Porsche Trophy was named in honor of the late Dr. Ferdinand “Ferry” Porsche and first presented at Parade in 1961. It was sponsored by Porsche AG and Porsche of America Corporation, but today PCA is the sole sponsor of this award. The trophy is presented to the outstanding PCA region of the year that demonstrates the highest standards in meeting the objectives and ideals of the Porsche Club of America and “In Appreciation of Loyalty to the Porsche Car and the Porsche Idea.” Historically, PCA awarded the Ferry Porsche Trophy to one region. In 2010, in an effort to recognize more regions for their outstanding achievements, the PCA Executive Council decided to award first and second runners-up for the Ferry Porsche Trophy.