March 25th 2023 High Performance Drivers Education/Autocross 101 Class

Coming March 25th, 2023 at 3R Performance!

You’ve just purchased your dream car; a Porsche.  Or maybe you’ve owned that beauty for a number of years and have been hearing just how great these cars perform out on a race track or at an autocross.  Now you’re curious.  Could you actually drive on a race track or speed through an autocross course in your pride and joy?  Of course you can!!

Mark your calendars and join us at our seventh annual ‘HPDE/Autocross 101’ class that we will be holding on Saturday, March 25th from 9:00 am till 1:00 pm at 3R Performance.  Please note that 3R Performance has moved from Englewood to their new location at 6404 E. 39th Avenue in Denver.   This place is amazing, and during your training you will be surrounded by all types of cool race cars.  In this class you will learn all about how to register for events, how to prepare your car for the track, pre-tech, what to do when you arrive at the track, what our instructors will teach you, possible wear and tear on the car, what an autocross is, and much more.  We will have various speakers who can answer all the questions you might have before your first track experience.  To get registered (and potentially change your life forever!) go to the link on the RMR/PCA website at  Click on the “March 25th 2023 High Performance Drivers Education/Autocross 101 Class” link on the main page. 

Registration will open on February 6, 2023 through  We are going to restrict this to 60 Porsche club members, so register early to guarantee a spot!  Of course any PCA member is welcome, but we’re really trying to reach those of you who’ve considered participating in an Autocross or High Performance Drivers Ed, but for a variety of reasons, have never done so.

If you have any questions, contact Brian Leary at  Hope to see you there!