Spring Autocross April 25

Sunday April 25  – 2021 Spring Autocross

It’s a new year.  We still need to be safe and follow a few rules, but we are going to run Autocross University on Saturday April 24 followed by our first Autocross of the season on April 25.

Autocross University will be run we our instructors observing the students from outside of the car and communicating with each driver/student through the FM band in thier car.  Ok, you have to trust us on this one.  With everyone using Bluetooth, XM, Spotify and Pandora, we arepPretty sure the hardest part will be helping some of us actually locate the FM feature on our stereos.

The weekend events will be held at the Colorado Air and Space Port formerly known as Front Range Airport.  There is plenty of room to setup a long course with a lot of interesting autocross features including Twists, Turns, and Slaloms to challenge your driving skills.

We encourage you to register If you are new to the club, new to your Porsche or other favorite four wheel means of transport, want to improve your driving technique or simply want to enjoy your Porsche. 

Are you familiar with Autocross?  Autocross is a performance driving experience conducted in a safe environment at relatively low speeds.  You will not hurt your car and more importantly you will not hurt yourself.  Autocross is a lot fun and provides small doses of adrenaline rush that will keep you smiling for days.  At the University you will learn to important control skills from our experienced instructors.  You will gain additional confidence in your driving ability, learn the limits of your car’s braking capabilities, practice correct seating, hand, feet and vision positions, as well as push and perhaps exceed the limits of your tire’s adhesion capabilities. 

By the way, autocross is a huge social event and a great time to meet new club members and visit with friends.  We don’t want to lose the social aspect, so speak louder as we will be observing social distancing.

Autocross University

Our excellent club instructors will work with you by providing plenty of driving time through three car control exercises.  Learn about car balance through a slalom course, throttle steering around two skid pads, and threshold braking and acceleration in a unique triangle exercise.  All of this in the morning followed by an afternoon of learning how to autocross using these skills on a full scale autocross course.

Unfortunately, we will not be offering in car instruction which means we will not be able to accomodate 16 and 17 year old drivers this year. 

2020 Spring Autocross on Sunday

On Sunday, we return to the airport to run against the clock!   Are you the quickest air cooled 911, Boxster, Turbo, 914, Cayenne?  Run times are around a minute, which is a long time to hold your breath if you haven’t attended university to learn how to breath!  This event is a great chance to try out your new found skills and to compete against your friends.


Registration is open and closes April 23.  Click the RMR Event Registration link on the club home page rmr.pca.org.

We will open Sunday’s autocross  to licensed 16 and 17 year olds. (Masks required for the driver and the instructor).   RMR Junior Participation forms and instructions can be found under the forms tab on the club’s website.  Please read them carefully.

The Autocross School is limited to 50 participants.  Please register early to assure your spot.

Walkups will be accepted for Sunday with a small premium (cash and check payments only), but Pre-registration for both events is appreciated as it allows us to plan for ‘beer thirty’ as well as organize the event and obtain volunteers.  (Beer Thirty is pending at this time).

A Porsche is not required.  Only SUV’s with a Porsche badge are permitted and no pickups.  Convertibles are just fine and you can run them with the top down.

Restrooms are available onsite, however no concessions are available nor are any nearby.  Please remember to bring your own lunch and non alcoholic drinks during the day. 

You will need a Snell rated 2010 or newer helmet.  Motorcycle helmets with this designation are acceptable.  The club may have several loaner helmets available.  (Decision pending).

Autocross School            $50.00

Autocross                         $45.00  (Sunday walk-up $55.00)

Both Events                      $85.00

Directions          Colorado Air and Space Port

Caution:  Do not use your GPS using the airport address.  GPS will take you to the main terminal and that is not the correct location.

I-70 East to Manilla Road Exit 299

Turn left (North) and continue to Highway 36 (Colfax)

Continue North on Manila Road across Highway 36 and over the railroad tracks.

Make an immediate right hand turn in front of the Front Range airport sign and go through the gate.  Follow the road east and then north to the autocross site.

If you can volunteer to assist the chair in setting up the course and other activities to make this a successful event please call Chris Sulley at 720-630-6898 or send an email to cjsulley@comcast.net.

Time:                     University  – Saturday

                                7:00 to 8:30         Course Setup

                                8:00 to 9:00         Registration/Check-in

                                8:45 to 9:00         Instructor Only Meeting

   8:30 to 9:15         Top Tech

                                9:00 to 9:15         Drivers Meeting (Mandatory)

                                9:30 to 10:15      First Exercise Session

                               10:20 to 11:05     Second Exercise Session

                               11:10 to 11:55     Third Exercise Session

                                11:55 to 12:45     Lunch Break (No Concessions) (Setup Autocross Course)

                                12:45 to 1:15      Autocross Course Walk

                                1:15 to 2:15         Autocross Group One

                                2:30 to 3:30         Autocross Group Two

                                3:30                       Beer Thirty

                                3:30 to 5:00          Full Autocross Setup (Volunteers Needed)

                                May-Day Autocross – Sunday

                                7 to 8:30               Complete Autocross Setup (Volunteers Needed)

                                8:00 to 9:00         Registration/Check-in/Course Open for Walking

                                9:00 to 9:30         Drivers Meeting (Mandatory)

                                9:45                       Corner Workers Out (Group B)

                                10:00                     Group A – First Car on Course AM

                                10:45                     Group B – First Car on Course AM

                                12:00~                   Lunch Break (No Concessions)

                                12:45~                   Corner Workers Out (Group A)

                                1:00~                     Group A – First Car on Course PM

                                1:45~                     Group B – First on Course PM

                                3:00~                     Course Tear Down

                                3:00~                     Beer Thirty

Top Tech to be held prior to the start of the school on Saturday and each run group on Sunday.  Please remove all loose items from within the car and the trunk(s).

Dear members,

COVID-19, the novel corona virus, has become the forefront of immediate health concerns.  The RMR Board has been following and discussing these issues on a frequent basis.  We understand that members have concerns. In all things we do, we consider first and foremost the health and safety of our members, volunteers, and sponsors.  As we begin to host events again, we ask that everyone follow the guidelines below to help keep themselves and fellow members safe.

Social distancing is key when gathering for the event.  Please maintain a distance of 6 feet from friends and staff whenever possible.
Face coverings are most essential in times when social distancing is difficult.  Face coverings are meant to protect those around you in case you are unknowingly infected.  We are requiring that masks be worn at all times unless maintaining at least six feet of distance, or when eating, drinking or driving.

Avoid handshakes, fist bumps, and other forms of physical contact.  When appropriate, use hand sanitizer or wash your hands and avoid touching your face.
Following these guidelines will help to lower the risk of exposure and spread of COVID-19, and will facilitate our ability to host more events in the future.

By and for the Board of the Rocky Mountain Region, Porsche Club of America, Inc.

Vicki Jones

President, RMR-PCA

PCA National Board of Directors

PCA National Audit Committee