April 28th Autocross results


Thank you for putting up with the nasty wind at FRA yesterday and all of the false timing start/finish signals that the wind caused.  I cleaned up the results as best I could.  Any runs which were recorded (and we missed at the event) with clearly bogus times have been marked “DSQ” (disqualified).  Note that this is different from “DNF” (did not finish) which means the course was not properly followed.

There are two results files – detailed (aka final) report contains all run times and cone counts, while the summary report just lists each driver’s best time.

Detailed Results:  https://rmr.pca.org/files/events_2019/AX2019-04-28_fin.htm

Summary Results:  https://rmr.pca.org/files/events_2019/AX2019-04-28_sum.htm


Doug Bartlett