In The Zone August 2018

In The Zone
August 2018

They say “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”. I’ve got news….it’s BOTH!
Just got back from the 63rd annual Porsche Parade at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri.
Temps were in the mid to high 90’s and my guess it that the humidity was a tad higher- if that’s possible. I’m pretty certain that the 65 other attendees from across Zone 9, were blessing our more dessert-like humidity here in the mountains and plains of the west. Enough grousing!

The week was a success. Over 900 cars and more than 2300 people. Doing the math, that probably makes the ratio of attendees to cars greater than the average seating capacity of the cars themselves. Perhaps that can be accounted for extended family members tagging along with their own cars, folks who flew in, and roof racks (National Lampoon’s Summer Vacation reference). Among the attendees, over 700 people signed up to volunteer.

Notable at Parade, was the number of Zone 9 participants who placed extremely well in a wide variety of competitive events. Congratulations to Jonathon Martyak for taking 1st place overall, with FTD in the 5k Run/Walk. Also to Alex Ching for taking a 2nd place in his men’s age group. Zone 9 had several notables in the concours competition with Holly and Dave Jackson, and Jim and Randy Osgood taking 1st and 2nd place respectively in each of their classes. Special honors were announced at the Concours Banquet to Jeffrey Gori with a Stuttgart Level of Achievement Award, and to Rob Steinway and Sean McKay with a 1st Place in class and Gmund Level of Achievement Award.

And in the TSD Rally, two couples from Zone 9 maintained domestic tranquility (ahem…no divorce) by placing well in their classes. Mike Suttle and Paula Sears placed 4th in class (in the largest field with 32 entrants!) and Bette and Dave Seeland came in 1st in their class.
As of this writing, I’ve not be able to find the autocross results from Parade, but I’m hoping to read about several Zone 9 notables in those competitions.

At the National Awards level, I’m pleased to share also that Scott Rogers, RMR Webmaster, was awarded second place in the website contest. And also that Russ Rydberg from the same region has been awarded a 3rd place nationally for his work as High Gear magazine editor. Every now and then, real work gets in the way of the volunteer demands at PCA. For that reason, Russ recently announced his need to step down as Newsletter Editor in his region. While Russ is staying involved in the region leadership, his time as editor is done. We’re honored to have had him in that role for so long. Thanks, Russ.

One other thing that I’d like to mention in this letter, is the continuing contributions of Liz Shaw. You’ll recall Liz was my predecessor as zone representative. Many of you may know that Liz is now the National Autocross Chair. But in addition to that work, Liz has for many years served as the organizer of the Michelin “Drive and Compare” event at Parade weeks. Thanks, Liz. It’s always a really fun time!

Finally, the national events calendar for 2019 is now complete. So mark your calendars NOW if you have any inclination to attend a Treffen or Parade.
2019 Spring Treffen will be in lovely Santa Barbara, California. Previously announced, Porsche Parade is happening at Boca Raton, Florida. And the fall 2019 Treffen will be held at Woodstock Vermont in early September. And last, the 2020 Porsche Parade location was announced at the Victory Banquet. We expect to see LOTS of zone 9 representation at nearby (relatively speaking) Palm Springs during the summer of 2020.

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