In The Zone April 2018

In The Zone
April 2018

The meeting season is done. The fun part begins for this zone rep in April. I’m really looking forward to joining Alpine Mountain Region drivers at Pike’s Peak International Raceway on April 14th and 15th. The event will be a combined autocross and DE weekend. I’m thinking that I’ll do a day of each, since I plan to drive my own car to Colorado Springs from Salt Lake City. It’s always the best of both worlds for me, when I get to hang out with club members as one of the participants rather than just being an observer. Cars AND People, right?

Afterwards I’ll be flying home from Colorado Springs, and then back to Colorado Springs one week later to pick up my car that will be stored at the home of a gracious AMR member during my absence. (I’m going to hold onto the keys Alex!) From there I will make the relatively short drive of 300 miles from Colorado Springs to Treffen Tamaya near Albuquerque. I’ll arrive there on the 24th, a day before Treffen opens, in order to lend help as needed to Harry Season and his dedicated volunteer team. Can’t wait for Treffen. I’m there to volunteer, but will also have wheels with me should duties allow time for participation in a drive or two. Then I’ll complete the big triangular drive back to Salt Lake City to handle the Pirelli sponsor promotion for the PCA Club Race at Utah Motorsports Park the first weekend in May.

Our annual Zone 9 Region President’s meeting went off well in early March. A big thanks to Teri Talamantes and the Carrera region for agreeing to be the host location. As part of the meeting we enjoyed updates and presentations from two national staff members and a member of the Executive Council. Tom Gorsuch, PCA Vice-President updated Vision 2020, and PCA’s growth targets. Maggie Goodman and Greg Halverson, Chairs of the Social Media and Driving Tours Committees respectively, brought us up to speed on their dedicated topics. In general the overall focus of the meeting was on risk management, safety and growth. Special thanks to Tony Wright, incoming president of the West Texas region, for making the commitment to bring an in-depth representation of his board (5 members) to the meeting. Relative proximity to the meeting location allowed this commitment, and I was happy to oblige when the request arose to expand the attendee list from that region.

Speaking of the West Texas, I believe the region just ran the table for the last five months, with a Panorama article in “From the Regions” each month. Collectively, our zone contains some of the most magnificent scenery in all of the USA. And our tours have to rank right at the pinnacle of the “Oh my- look at THAT” scale. So I’d LOVE to see each zone represented in Panorama at least once in 2018. Any PCA member can submit an article. So please volunteer. It’s easy. All you need are a couple of good photos (Cars and People are preferred) and a write up that is LIMITED to 300 words. Instructions can be found at the bottom of the first page of the “From the Regions” section in every issue of Panorama! As a club member, it’s an easy way to show pride in your region while at the same time showing appreciation to the local volunteers who signed up as leaders of your event.

Safe Travels!