In the Zone Feb 2018

In The Zone
February 28, 2018

Treffen Tamaya is just about sold out! So if you’ve not yet registered, you should hop on it now! (

I’m itching to get out and about doing fun stuff with Porsches and club members. Thanks to weather conditions, winter months in this zone are quite a bit slower than other months- except for “business” meetings. This month I attended the combined annual zone reps, and winter board meeting at PCA’s headquarter city in Maryland. As I write this letter, I’m just about to set off to El Paso for my own Zone 9’s annual meeting with region leaders. Formula 1 racing refers to this period while everything is up in the air at the end of one season and the start of the next, as “silly season”. I get the reference.

Thankfully “silly season” ends for me by the middle of the first week of March. There are, however, some highlights that are worth pointing out about the meetings completed and the meetings just about to happen.

PCA Headquarter Visit- When I told non-PCA friends that I was going to the PCA’s headquarters near Washington D.C. for a meeting, most imagined some gleaming glass tower office. I knew better. As we might expect the HQ is nestled in a humble single story office park. And it is between Baltimore and the D.C. beltways, not in the heart of either city. Once you get inside the offices, a whole different world opens up. The fresh white walls are covered in Porsche Cars and Porsche Club memorabilia. If you fly into BWI or Reagan on a future trip, I’d recommend making a phone call to arrange a drop-in visit. It’s like a trip through Porsche and PCA history. Vu Nguyen has done a wonderfully tasteful job with the expansion, which has also allowed for a small “Goodie Store” in the lobby.

PCA Juniors- Here’s something you can pass along to your children and grand-children right now!
PCA has announced a fun, FREE, program just for kids! As a PCA member, you can register your kids, grandkids, or nieces and nephews (really any child as long as they are under 18) for the PCA Juniors program. They will get a welcome package with an age appropriate gift, and a birthday card every year. It’s totally free, and you can register as many kids as you like. Register at the link below (requires your login info). Make their day!!

The Raffle program is healthier than ever- The two most recent PCA raffles, for the Porsche GT4 and 911T have resulted in the ability for PCA to award SIX cars in each raffle. These are record breaking numbers. And the cool thing is that, as the entries increase in number, cars get added. So while the odds of winning remain relatively constant, and certainly better than most raffles you can enter, the benefit to the club increases with the number of cars awarded. Raffles make an important contribution toward all the benefits the club offers, while helping to keep our membership costs as low as possible. So please keep an eye out for the next exciting raffle announcement!

Parade in Lake of the Ozarks looks like a winner- Housing registration remains open for Porsche Parade at Tan-Tar-A. Over 2000 individuals are already registered, but due to the size of the resort plenty of rooms remain. Activities registration is set to open on April 2.

Zone 9 Membership growth can be better! The final membership growth numbers for 2017 are in. Without sharing the actual numbers, I’ll say that we grew faster than the economy. That’s actually not bad, but looking at some of the other zones, I know we can do better. Growing each region in Zone 9 will be a key topic of discussion at the annual President’s meeting in El Paso this coming week- in terms of both attraction and retention. If you have your own ideas of how to make growth happen in your region, please call or email one of your regional board members and also consider if there’s something you can do to volunteer to help!

Rich Sanders
Zone 9 Rep