In the Zone December 2017

In The Zone
November 29, 2017
Brain Noise, Utah

Perhaps brain noise is not a “place” to use as a dateline for an article. But collectively, I’ve spent enough time there in the early morning hours over the years that it seems like a real place. It’s when I’ve apparently had enough sleep and I don’t want to wake others by knocking around the house. Certainly, many of you visit there too, and I’m not alone.

I toured many of the streets of brain noise this morning, most of them in the PCA neighborhood. (I assure you this is not a regular thing, but if you want to tell me to “get a life”, I’m OK with that.) So today I gave up, and got out of bed- EARLY. The noise was just too loud. Here are some of the streets that I drove through in PCA-town.

Llano Estacado? -Where did that region name come from? I’ll be traveling there tomorrow, so I guess I’ll find out. For those who don’t know of it, it’s the name of the smallest region in Zone 9 located up at the Texas panhandle. It will be my first time to meet anyone in that region other than the region President, Joe Papp. If they are all like Joe, it’s going to be a fun time.

West Texas. My first visit to the WTX region begins this Friday, the day after Llano Estacado. More exciting times, meeting new (to me) Porsche-philes. Texas is BIG! I’ll be putting a lot of hours in a rental car, driving a big loop from Albuquerque to Amarillo to Lubbock to Fort Davis (site of the West Texas holiday party) through El Paso and back to Albuquerque over 4 days. Thinking about evasive driving around Armadillos to avoid bent rims on the rental car.

Monthly letter. This is a dead end street in PCA-ville, because I have a deadline to write this months’ letter before I head out of town tomorrow morning. Probably the final straw that made me get out of bed.

Year-end thinking. Like most of us November brings lots of thoughts about wrapping up this year, and things that we’d like to see in the next one. The brain noise list today included, and absolutely was not limited to-

  • -encouraging region leaders and their members to submit nominations for national PCA awards by December 31st. (see
  • -getting to three region Holiday parties in the next 11 days- including my local Intermountain Region- loads of fun
  • -getting registered for Treffen in Santa Fe next April. The registration site goes live December 27th!
  • -locking down the dates for a meeting of region president’s that will take place in El Paso in March.
  • -remembering to book rooms for Rennsport VI (late September).
  • -wanting to see more articles from our regions in Panorama magazine in 2018.
  • The list went on and on. So I got up, made coffee, and fed the dog. As I walked outside in the dark to “water the dog”, I saw the newspaper delivery car rapidly weaving down the dark and empty street left to right, narrowly missing the curbs. As the newspapers flew out the window and slammed onto the driveways at each house, my mind went to straight to autocross in the West Texas region. They have no race track in their region, but it sounds like they have a great autocross program. I’m sure I’ll hear about it when I meet the Lubbock gang on Friday. In the meantime, I may lay out some cones to surprise the newspaper guy tomorrow morning.

    This is my last monthly letter of 2017. I just want to say what a privilege it is to have the opportunity to be zone rep for these 7 very cool, and very diverse regions of PCA. I’m enjoying the role and I have many of you to thank for it. And despite the occasional visits to brain noise city, I’m really looking forward to 2018.

    Rich Sanders
    Zone 9 Rep