Welcome to the RMR Porsche Club

Whether your tastes are social, technical, or competitive, RMR/PCA has something for you! You can have fun in your Porsche with everything from driver education and time trials at area tracks, autocrosses, rallies, tours, tech sessions, car shows and more. Each year the Rocky Mountain Region of the Porsche Club of America organizes a variety of opportunities to enjoy and learn about your Porsche. If you are a non-RMR PCA member and would like to receive the RMR eblasts in order to keep current on RMR tours, socials, or track events; please email your request along with your PCA membership number to 1stvicepresident@rmrporscheclub.com

RMR fundraising for the Marshall Fire

The RMR board has decided to conduct a fund-raising drive for victims of the Marshall Fire that ravaged the communities of Louisville and Superior in East Boulder County. The board also voted to match donations up to a total of $5,000.

More than a thousand of our neighbors lost their homes and many other homes left standing suffered extensive damage.  Recovery and rebuilding will require support in the short-term and then sustained long-term efforts. 

All donations will be sent to the Community Foundation of Boulder County, which has set up a Wildfire Fund to provide both short and long-term relief to those affected by the fire.

Our fund-raising drive will last until January 27th. You can make your online donations at this link: msreg.com/wildfirefunddonations.  We hope that you will take advantage of the RMR match and find it in your hearts to help your fellow Coloradans in need after this devastating event.