August Zone 9 Report

From Independence Pass to Independence Day!!

I’m writing this month’s newsletter between rolling up the flag from yesterday’s July 4th celebration and heading upstairs to pack for tomorrow’s drive to the Porsche Parade in Spokane. I guess this marks my first ½ year as a zone rep for PCA.
What a challenging and fun (mostly fun) ride it has been.

June was a whirlwind of great PCA events. It began with “home games”- a triple header right here in my backyard. Three days of HPDE track time at Utah Motorsports Campus (f.k.a.- Miller Motorsports Park) made for an amazing weekend. Adding to the allure was the fact that Pirelli GT3 Cup racing was also happening in between our HPDE sessions. Colorful, loud and fast!

Three days later, I was off to the Rocky Mountain High Way event hosted by the Alpine Mountain Region in Aspen/ Snowmass. Not unlike Utah, there are places where the snow is still 8 feet deep in the mountains in June. But UNLIKE Utah, those places are as close as two feet from your passenger door as you take in the view from Independence Pass. With well over 100 attendees, we shared enjoyment of socials, a plethora of tours (including a cave, not just roads), a concours on the Snowmass piste, and a track day at Woody Creek Raceway to conclude the weekend.

The following weekend was another drive from Salt Lake City. This time to High Plains Raceway. My original plan was to fly. But too many people from here said “You’ve never driven HPR?? You HAVE to drive”. So I played the role of “sweeper” in my street car, for a trailer filled with PCA Club Race cars. While there was no room left in that trailer for my track tires, I still had an absolutely MARVELOUS time at HPR. And I had a couple of cooperative RMR members who knowingly and unknowingly helped me learn the lines during Friday’s open lapping sessions. I shy away from using club members names in these newsletters, but (DC and VC-J) you know who you are!! I appreciate your expertise!! And just today, two weeks later, I got a pdf file from one of the afore-un-mentioned people with turn by turn hints for HPR. It makes me want to get back there sooner than later- next time with better rubber.

As a PCA Club Race weekend, HPR went off without an apparent hitch. The club racing staff who travels to each race really has their act together. The show runs on time and safe. A new member of that team is our former Zone rep, LIZ SHAW, whose name I am not shy about mentioning. Liz now volunteers in timing and scoring. Thanks for staying in the game, Liz.

As a take-away from this past month, and from my first six months as a whole, I’m flabbergasted not only by the number of volunteers, but their spirit and attitude. I heard someone mention a number of over 100 volunteers that it took to pull together the club race. Many are volunteer/participants with “skin in the game”. But I met many others who just show up to help- and with a smile. So thanks to ALL of you who have such a service mentality to support the love of our cars and who simply enjoy the camaraderie among our members. Six months in, I’m a VERY lucky guy to even be witnessing these bonds.

Off to the Porsche Parade Spokane in the morning. See you next month with an update.

Rich Sanders
Zone 9 representative