July Zone 9 Report

Congratulations to the Roadrunner Region on your 50th Anniversary!!!

Santa Fe New Mexico was the site of the Roadrunner Region’s FIESTA 50 celebration over the Memorial Weekend. Aaron Ambrosino, the PCA National Treasurer made the flight from his home in Upstate New York to deliver the congratulatory message and a 50th anniversary banner to Mike Suttle, Region President. The banner was personally signed by Vu Nguyen, PCA Executive Director, as well as all members of the PCA Executive Council.

My weekend in Santa Fe began while unpacking the car after the 600 mile trip to Santa Fe. My first introduction was to two long-standing members of the Roadrunner Region, Dave and Ann Stinchcomb. Dave provided me with the history of his ownership of his very well kept light blue 911S Targa, a 1973. Throughout the weekend I would run into them again and exchange greetings. And today, two days after the Fiesta, I even sent them a couple photos of their car that I thought they might enjoy. The weekend would repeat that scenario with dozens of other PCA members from Texas to California. You meet them once and share a story or two. Then you see them three or four more times and share another story or two. And by the end of the weekend, there’s a connection that you know you can pick up at the next multi-region or national PCA event.

Sitting down to write this monthly letter, I began to ponder on what 50 years of hosting events like this really means to a PCA region’s members. There are lots of cars in each region that are much older than the anniversary date. Roadrunner region has lots of Porsche 356’s which, by definition, are older than the region. So, I came to the conclusion that older clubs have hosted more “chance” meetings and interpersonal “re-unions”, making these 5 year incremental anniversaries far more “about the people”, than the cars. Following this line of thought I opened the Roadrunner region membership database, and sorted by membership date. I found a couple of members currently celebrating their 40th anniversary with the region, having joined in 1977. Then I found a couple more in the 40 to 50 year membership range. And to my surprise, I discovered one couple, who might be considered founding members. That couple joined the club in April 1968 when the club was just 6 months in existence. And guess who it was? It was Dave and Ann Stinchcomb! What a coincidence that Dave and Ann were the first couple that I met upon arrival at Fiesta!! And as I introduced myself as a current resident of Salt Lake City, Dave responded by telling me “I took my first ride in a 356 Porsche (only kind they made then) in 1963 in Salt Lake City!! “

Not once did Dave or Ann mention that this was to be their 50th anniversary with PCA as well. I love the humility! The richness of the history of 50 years in the club went untold as we focused on learning about each other in the moment, and just chatted about the day’s events. Perhaps I’ll run into them at a Balloon Fiesta, or at Parade in Spokane, and I’ll get even more of the story.

From a participant’s perspective, Fiesta 50 went off without any apparent glitches.
The number of volunteers it took to pull it off, was impressive. A “first” for me was the chance to auto-cross on banked pavement for the first time- interesting. People raved about the tours, and the Landmark Rally designed by Vance “El Diablo” Bass was, in fact, diabolical. The leadership team in the Roadrunner region REALLY has their act together. I couldn’t possibly name or personally thank all of those who put volunteer hours into this effort, but I MUST mention the co-chairs Harry and Dolores Season, joined by Chris and Crickett Marquez, as well as the leadership of Mike Suttle and financial and prize support from the lead sponsor, Porsche of Albuquerque. You guys did an amazing job!!!

For those of you in Zone 9 who have not attended a “Fiesta” in the past, mark you calendars for the Spring Treffen in 2018, hosted by Roadrunner Region. It should be a “can’t miss” event!!

Rich Sanders
Zone 9 Representative