Zone 9 report May

The Unintended Financial Consequences of Porsche Fun!

Compared to many in PCA, I’ll admit to being a relative newcomer to Porsche ownership and club membership. My first Porsche purchase was in 2008. Convinced of the reliability of the brand, the second slot in the garage was filled in 2009. As a guest attendee at some club events in 2010, I joined PCA in 2011. Until that time “cost of ownership” was defined only by frequency of maintenance and repair. To my pleasant surprise, those costs were negligible.

The first unintended financial consequence was the “cost of fun”. We all heard that it is a slippery slope. Weighing the fun factor of socials, autocross, track days, Parade, reunions and the like, against the cost of those items- I find that I’m still miles ahead on the smiles chart. As a result, I’m happy to accept the unintended financial consequences as I remind myself that the story began when I said “but honey- it’s only $46 per year”.

HOWEVER, the second unintended financial consequence is one that I just have to buck up and accept. Now that I’m well entrenched in the region PCA scene, I find spring to be the time where I’m figuring answers to questions like; what’s the season cost of track day entry fees? ; How many sets of what size tires? ; Will these new Pagid racing pads get through the season? ; And what month will my brake rotors need to be changed? Having accepted all of this as the first unintended consequence, I now find that I am forced to also accept the second consequence. The shoe is now on the other foot (literally and figuratively), and the story continues as I’m frequently reminded- “but honey- this (substitute here- Dress, garden plan, tennis racquet pair of ASICs, etc.), is less than the cost of a new tire!” So I’ve learned that quietly accepting this type of financial comparison is part of the cost of ownership and domestic tranquility!

Things to do NOW!

For the month of May- here’s your suggested PCA list to-do list!

-Spend a few bucks at and buy tickets for the Spring Raffle that ends on the first of June. Have you seen that new 911 Carrera GTS?

-Sign up for Werks Monterey also through Registration opened May 1 for the August 18th event. Werks Amelia Islands was over the top, and Monterey is expected to be just as cool!

-Register for the Zone member dinner on your way to Porsche Parade 2017. If your planned route finds that Salt Lake City is a mid-point to Spokane, stay in town and join us for dinner downtown at Porsche Salt Lake City, from 5:30-8:00 pm on July 7th. Registration is at .

Next Up

I just attended my first Treffen. What a 5 star experience Austin turned out to be! Sandwiched between flooding rains until the day prior, and tennis ball sized hail on the day after, the weather in the middle was perfect. Tour routes through the hill country were a joy and the parade laps at Circuit of the Americas were like icing on a cake. I really enjoyed meeting Zone members from RMR, AMR and Roadrunner regions.
After spending some time with Harry Season, coordinator of the next really big multi-day event in the Zone, I’m even more excited about attending Road Runner Region’s sold out Fiesta 50 later this month!